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Kippo 0.8 released

This was long due, however,


If you are using the svn version at the moment, please keep using it, and keep up with the updates via svn. This release only exists because too many people are still using version 0.5, which is very very old …

Moving the blog to my own server

Working on moving this blog to my own server. Finally I will have a blog with an URL that I can remember!

Nginx + php5-fpm (chroot) were certainly not easy to set-up, but hopefully the site will run well, even though the server hardware is quite light.

Just to add some …

Frist psot

Hello. I might write something here about my projects, toys and everything.


Here could be some information about the author of this blog. But there isn't.

But his e-mail address might be: desaster at gmail dot com